Student Medical Information

The physical wellbeing of students is a priority at Geraldton Primary School and we aim to provide high quality first aid when necessary.

Students can become unwell while at school and at times, students are sent to school feeling unwell.  This can create a problem, as we have limited facilities and staffing to accommodate sick students.  You can help us by ensuring that we have an up to date home and emergency contact number on the admission card. 

Should students require medication, a Student Medication Request/Record must be completed by parent/caregiver.  This form is available from the office; this includes asthma puffers which are covered by a “Release for Inhaler Uses” form.

We are not permitted to administer any unprescribed drugs, especially analgesics, e.g. panadol, disprin etc unless there is specific request and written plan by parents.

If you wish your child to have any of the above, you are most welcome to come to school and administer the drug yourself.

No Hat, No Play Policy

In the interests of your child’s health and well-being, our school has a “no hat, no play in the sun” policy which operates for the entire school year.


The Department of Health recommend that tetanus/diphtheria/whooping cough (Triple Antigen), polio and measles immunisation be up to date.  On enrolling your child, you must present your child’s immunisation records. The commencement of Kindergarten is a good time to see to this.

Infectious illnesses

If your child contracts an infectious illness, they must be excluded from school.

Head Lice

The problem of head lice is an ongoing one.  Early prevention or detection and treatment are obviously the desired outcome.

It is the responsibility of parent/carers to check their child’s hair regularly. It is recommended that parents check at least once a week, maybe on a Friday, as the child can be treated on the weekend if required. 

If head lice are present, hair needs to be treated immediately; it is important to read and carry out instructions carefully. Once hair has been treated, as many eggs and nits as possible must be removed.  However, due to the life cycle of the eggs, you need to continue to remove eggs and nits every day and repeat the treatment as recommended in the instructions. All bedding must be laundered.

Parent/carers of students who have been observed to have live lice in their hair will be contacted to collect their child from school. The child will be excluded from school until parents confirm that a recommended treatment is being undertaken.

Health and Well Being

The school has an effective program to promote healthy lunchbox choices.   Students are rewarded with 'green slips’ for foods from the ‘green traffic light food’.  The Crunch n’ Sip program allows students to top up with healthy vegetables or fruit brought in from home.

Dental therapy centre

A Dental Therapy Centre is located at Allendale Primary School and provides a free dental service for students from Pre Primary up to Year 11.  The Centre is staffed by Dental Therapists and supervised by a Dentist from the Dental Health Service.  Please phone the Dental Therapy Centre on 9921 4218 should you require any further information on the service.

School Psychology Service

This school has access to a School Psychologist through the Student Services team.  The Psychologist duties include assisting teachers or parents to gain detailed analysis of a student’s ability or areas of weakness, as well as delving into social, emotional or other behavioural areas.  A student's teacher, in consultation with the parents, will  recommend a  referral  to gain a clearer understanding of a student’s educational or behavioural abilities where this is considered of considerable importance. Parent permission must be approved before a School Psychology Service Referral is requested by the teacher. 

Other Services

The school also has access to a Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist.  Referrals for speech therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy are made at the request of teachers with parent permission via the Deputy Principal to Midwest Allied Health Services.

School Chaplaincy Service

Mrs Anne Paton is our school chaplain and is available for students, staff and parents.  Mrs Anne Paton works every Tuesday and Thursday.

Parents are welcome to book in to chat with Mrs Paton by contacting her directly on or making a booking at the front office.