About Us

Inspiring Generations

Geraldton Primary School is Western Australia's oldest continuously operating government primary school. Students first started attending in 1878. The school was entered in the Register of Heritage Places on a permanent basis, pursuant to Section 51 of the Heritage of Western Australia Act in 2004.

Each student is treated as an individual and all are encouraged to reach their potential in a caring and supportive environment. This only comes about when we all join together as a community with positive aims and purposes in mind. Geraldton Primary School staff are an experienced dedicated group who are working effectively together to enhance the performance of all students. Staff members include those that maintain and clean the facility, manage reception and finance, support the educational program, implement the educational program and manage the school as administrators.

We hope that you, through your interest, personal involvement and cooperation, will come to feel very much part of our school community. We look forward to working with you during the course of your association with our school and encourage you to become actively involved in your child’s education.

When you join our school community you will quickly become acquainted with the quality and richness of programs that are designed to meet your child’s needs. Our school values of Generosity, Perseverance and Service are used daily throughout the school community in the development of our programs and policies. These values form the moral purpose of our school and the foundation for ensuring the best school environment for all members of our community. We teach these values through the acronym REACH - We are: Responsible and Respectful, Encouraging, Achievers, Caring and Helpful.

Geraldton Primary School is a local area intake school. This means that primary aged children living within our intake area are guaranteed a placement and children living outside the area must apply for a position. Should there be available space and the school can provide an appropriate educational program, an enrolment offer will be made.